Mars on Earth

The Mars rovers has found compelling evidence of a warmer and wetter time on Mars



Gorontalo is the newest province on Sulawesi. Recently separated from North Sulawesi, it covers a

Central Lombok

The fertile area south of the mighty Rinjani mountain has several interesting villages, beautiful landscapes

Tahuna, the capital of Sangihe

Sangihe and Talaud islands

Sangihe and Talaud are a chain of islands stretching north from Sulawesi in the direction

Tirta Empul temple

This important temple one km north of the Tampaksiring village was founded as early as

The North Sumatra Triangle

The North Sumatra Triangle — a paradise for budget tourists. “Unity in Diversity” is the

Bogor, city of rain

Bogor was by the Dutch during the colonial era called Buitenzorg (means “without a care”)

Chinese identity

Identifying someone in Indonesia as a member of the Chinese (orang Tionghoa) ethnic group is

Minangkabau identity

The Minangkabau–who predominate along the coasts of Sumatera Utara and Sumatera Barat, interior Riau, and