The Prambanan Temple Complex

At the boundary between Yogyakarta and Surakarta there are several temples which are scattered within

Yeh Pulu

For most people who visit Bali Yeh Pulu remains a well hidden secret . This

History of Bintan

Due to it’s strategic location and size Bintan has a rich history. Riau has for


The largest Buddhist monument in the world is located 42 kilometers northwest of Yogyakarta. It


Aceh is the northernmost province on Sumatra and in Indonesia, the provincial capital is Banda

Besakih temple

At the foot of the great Gunung Agung mountain sits the most sacred of all


Batubulan means “moonstone”, and if you like to see or buy any works of stone


Candidasa can be a good alternative if you’re looking for a pleasant place to stay

Bitung and Lembeh

The port town of Bitung is about one hour drive (55 km) east of Manado.


Padang on Sumatra’s west coast is the island’s third largest city with a population of